2017 News letter 【PDF

Giving Stages and Study Opportunities
--50 Years of Growth of Piano Teachers' Network

PTNA Celebrated Its 50th Anniversary!
--50 Years of Growth of Piano Teachers' Network

<1> 40 Years of the PTNA Piano Competition-Aiming Higher

  • Highest Number of Participants! Shu Katayama Gets Grand Prize
  • Continuous Efforts Make Oneself Steadily Improve

<2> 20 Years of the PTNA Piano STEP-Creating New Trends

  • Taking Small Steps For Bigger Goals
  • Awarding Continuous Learning. 21 People Reached 100!
  • Getting On Stage As A Group
  • STEP Stations Also Invigorate Less Populated Cities and Towns

<3> 10 years of PTNA Piano Seminars

  • Seminars Nationwide, Held By Committees, Branches, Stations
  • The PTNA Piano Teachers' Seminar Reached Vol.50!
Reshape & Renew Music Life Cycles
-Review Mindsets, Skills, and Environment

<1> Promoting Recurrent Study for Piano Teachers

  • The Teachers' License Exam Makes Teachers Go Back to Stage and Study Lesson Observation Program
  • Review & Update Studio Management Skill

<2> Show Various Career Paths to Young Teachers

  • Events and Articles Introducing Young Teachers
  • Experiencing 'The Dual Career' As An Intern

<3> The Affiliated Competitions Envision Various Goals

<4> Do Family Members Renew Learning Environment?

Expanding Music In Society --Domestic & International News

<1> Domestic News

  • PTNA Membership Services Updates
  • Renewal Of Online "My Page"
  • The 1st Meeting for Newly Added Tuner Members
  • Piano Tuners' Introduction Service Was Launched
  • Understanding and Contribution From Society
  • To The Encyclopedia and The Teachers' Introduction Service
  • Crowdfunding For The School Concerts Project
  • New Researches & Articles
  • Join In An Association To Protect Music Education
  • Obituary

<2> International News

  • New Young Japanese Talents!
  • The 8th Yasuko Fukuda Scholarship Audition
  • Yasumi Taki and Seikoh Fukuda Give Speech in Korea
  • The CEO Speakes at the 27th Piano Symposium in Korea
  • Multiple Career Paths To Become A Professional Piano Teacher
  • PTNA Supports Music Colleges
Grand Prize Winner 2017:
Shu Katayama Born in Hokkaido , Shu Katayama began to play piano at the age of 7. Shu is in his junior year at the Tokyo College of Music (Piano Performance Course "Excellence"), and currently studies under Mari Takeda, Seizo Azuma, and Nobuyuki Hirose.
2016 News letter 【PDF
Commitment To the Entire Music Life
The 50th Anniversary of PTNA

<1> Commitment to the Enrichment of Musical Life

<2> Commitment to Development of Careers in Music

  • Teachers' License Demands More Well-Balanced Skills
  • Various Topics in the 49th Piano Teachers' Seminar
  • "Dual Career" to Support Young Teachers

<3> Commitment to Betterment of Learning Process

  • Scientific Approach to the Piano Performance
  • Learn Piano Concertos with Piano Accompaniment!
  • Learn Creative Process from Living Composers!
  • Piano Arrangement Skills Unveiled in the Audition
Fit Into Various Purposes & Lifestyles
PTNA Piano Competition & STEP
  • A Trend Analysis On the PTNA Competition 2016
  • Misora Ozaki Won the Grand Prize!
  • STEP--Highest Record of Number In the 20 Years
  • Sing Same Song in STEPs for PTNA's Anniversary
  • PTNA Acquires New Affiliated Competitions
For Society and International Stages
News & Achievements
  • Achievements in International Competitions!
  • Adjudication At International Competition
  • Int'l Masterclasses at Yasuko Fukuda Foundation
  • PTNA Member Inaugurated A Festival in Thailand
  • PTNA Member Received An Award In France
  • FACP Japan Branch Established
  • PTNA Pianists Express The World of Nature in LFJ
  • Contributions to Support Kumamoto After Earthquakes
  • Obituary
  • Announcement of the Special Concert for the 50th Anniversary of PTNA
  • Why "4 Periods" in PTNA Competition?
  • Dual Career; Teaching Piano & Working in A Non-Music Field-Music Field
Special Column "Creat the Synergy for 50 years"
  • Use Stage Opportunities in Various Contexts and Styles
  • Japanese Expressions in Classical Music Framework
Grand Prize Winner 2016:
Misora Ozaki
2015 News letter 【PDF
1.Time for Teamwork!- Duo with Dialogue Makes Double Effect
  • Biggest Number of Participants Ever in 2015!
  • Pre-Elementary for Duo,and 2,849 Pairs in Total
  • Concerto with Two Pianos
  • The Extended Role of the 2nd Teacher- POST System
  • More Dialogues in New Musical Analysis Booklet
  • 12 Alumni Participated in the Chopin Competition
  • Active Learning Scheme in Studio Visiting Program
  • Teachers' License System Enhances Lifelong Learning
  • Oustanding Young Piano Teachers!
  • Whom Do You Study With?
2.More Identities,More Ideas in STEP
Stages for 45,126 People!
Making Stage Debut Whenever Ready!
Stations Increased 4 Times in 10 Years
  • Making the First Public Stage Debut with Family Members
  • STEP Passport for Reviewing the Entire Study Process
  • A Workshop to Learn How to Behave on Stage Play Own Compositions
  • Encouraging Male Participants of All Ages
  • Local High School Students Performed Musical Medley
  • Stage for Teachers, Organization and Participation for 10 years
  • STEP is for a Lifetime! Four Achieved 100 Stages
  • Truly Blended Sounds from a Senior Couple Duo
  • A Flash Mob of 70 Musicians Wrap Up STEP
3.Awards & Achievements of PTNA Members
  • Ryota Yamazaki, Youngest Grand Prize Winner Ever
  • Special Categories for Teenagers!
  • Branch Concerts featuring Past Grand Prize Winners
  • STEP, as Rehearsals and Reviews of Competitions
4. Special Feature
More Speculative Perspectives in Performance and Teaching
  • "Encyclopedia of Keyboard Instruments" was Launched
  • New Trends in Public Recording Concert Series
  • Brain Scientist Proves the Effect of Piano Playing
Grand Prize Winner 2015:
Yasuko Fukuda Prize :
Yukine Kuroki
Yasuko Furumi
2014 News letter 【PDF
1. More Intense,Personal Voices Delivered via Network
Network helps shape the individual identity as a piano teacher
(1) Know & Improve Oneself
  • An Event for Newcomers Enhances Self-Awareness
  • Knowing How You Play Changes How You Teach
  • Find Suitable Seminars from 500 to Improve Various Skills
(2) Shape & Express Oneself
  • Conceptualized Programs for Recording Concerts
  • Sharing Personal Experiences with a Wider Audience
  • STEP Encourages Teachers to Perform, Create, Research
(3) Share & Connect Each Other
  • Teachers'Matching Service Applies 360-Degree Feedback
2.How Do We Cultivate In-depth, Multiple Views?
(1) Versatile Skills for Teachers
  • Interdisciplinary Learning is Increasing
  • Survey it! Music Mapping on Piano Encyclopedia
  • Analyze it! Gaining One's Own Perspective
  • Create it! Arrangement Techniques for Teachers
  • How Did They Teach Gold Medalists?
  • A Guidebook Shows Roadmap to Competitions
(2) Education for Early Childhood
  • Group Stage Performances Nurture Self-Identity?
  • Not a Competition, but Final Concert for Grade A2
3. Competition for Learning & Social Contribution
(1) For In-depth Learning
  • Ryota Yamazaki, Youngest Grand Prize Winner Ever
  • Special Categories for Teenagers!
  • Branch Concerts featuring Past Grand Prize Winners
  • STEP, as Rehearsals and Reviews of Competitions
(2) For Social Contribution
  • Contributions via Mobile Phone from Halls
  • Piano Room Sharing Service Helps Finalists
  • Arrange a Concert in Vienna for Two Grand Winners
  • CrossGiving, Successfully Funded
  • The 2nd IFPS in Tokyo!
(3) Prizes & Awards
4. Special Feature
  • Continuation Is the Key to Improvement
  • PTNA Passport Keeps Record of All Performances
Grand Prize Winner 2014:
2013 News letter 【PDF
Ideas from Everywhere!
PTNA Branches & Stations Think Globally, Act Locally
  • How the"PTNA Community Network"Works
  • Conferences of PTNA Branches
  • Support from Local Sponsors & Media
  • Satellite Station Logo Marks Symbolize Local Specialty
  • Increase in the Number of Affiliated Competitions
  • STEP Lecture Concert (Talk Concert)
  • Public Recording Concerts
Raise Individual Ability As a Teacher & As a Student
  • PTNA Piano Competition,who was the top of 40,677?
  • Yasuko Fukuda Scholarship Audition Discovers Talents!
  • Enjoy Ensembles at STEP
  • When Did They Start To Join STEP?
  • Let's Do Peer Learning!
  • PTNA e-learning Programs Become More Handy
  • Live Musical Analysis on ipad
  • Writing Program Notes Encourages Learning?
  • Senior Members Welcome New Members
  • Continuous Effort for Disaster Affected Schools
For the Society, For the Future of Music!
  • PTNA CrossGiving Project
  • Collaboration between Music Colleges
  • Promote One's Favorite Composers
  • A Book Born from Online Articles
  • Teachers Introduction Service Extends
  • Memorial Service with Music for Late Yasuko Fukuda
  • International Federation of Piano Societies (IFPS) Launched!
  • Guests from Abroad
  • Awards& Prizes
Grand Prize Winner 2014:
Yasuko Fukuda Prize
2012 News letter 【PDF
Go Public, And Be More Mutually Beneficial, A Way For The Sustainable Growth
PTNA CrossGiving Project Encourages Mutual Support
PTNA Will Serve For Piano & Music Teachers
Young Talents To Be Supported by Public At Large
Ministry of Education Awarded PTNA
Seeking for Integrated & Comprehensive Learning
Well-Balanced Learning Program for Teachers (Teaching, Playing, Writing, Reporting)
Detailed & Deepened Topics At Teachers' Seminars
Let's Do"Peer Learning"!
E-Learning For Home Study And Group Discussions
How IT Innovation Changes Daily Piano Lessons?
Networks Become Cross-Cultural & Multi-Layered
PTNA Piano Competition 2012 and Grand Prize winner
1st Facebook Audience Prize
STEP Used As Rehearsals
Public Recording Concerts Go To Regional Areas
20 min PTNA program on Internet Radio "OTTAVA"
PTNA Articles Accessible on National Diet Library DB
CEO Gave Speeches at Conference in Italy & US
Cross Cultural Concerts
Guests From Abroad, Awards& Prizes
Grand Prize Winner 2012:
2011 News letter 【PDF
After 3.11 in Japan; Revival Through Music
Generosity of people & Solidality of musicians
PTNA members try to get back their music lives
Taking Initiatives For Now & Future
Committee-led charities & benevolence of artists
Free hall rental for charity concerts
Free teaching service for evacuees
Music Funds launched & Donating prize money
Education For Next Generations
Listen and evaluate performances as student jury
Materials for supporting analytic study
PTNA starts e-learning service!
Get Together, Music Together!
PTNA Piano STEP commemorates 15th anniversary
A lecture on the Liszt's composition and life
PTNA gave presentation at FACP conference
Grand Prize Winner 2011:
  Tomoki SAKATA
Yasuko Fukuda Prize 2011:
2010 News letter 【PDF
PTNA starts Networking Local Competitions
for more diversity in playing and learning opportunities
Create A Variety of Career Paths for Piano Teachers
PTNA Piano Festival 2010 "Haydn and Mozart"
Lecture concert features Chopin's dance music
A new way to enjoy competition; 1 Ustream & 4 Twitters
Create Musical Environments for Youth
Do little kids need a stage and audience?
Piano Encyclopedia from kids to adult
Competition encourages analytical study on scores
Create Local to Local, Peer to Peer Networks
Public recording concert for recording & donation
Yasuko Fukuda scholarship foundation established
PTNA online article goes to publishing
Grand Prize Winner 2010:
2009 News letter 【PDF
Lesson Study Tour Begins!
An event for advanced ideas and active networking
Development of Teachers; co-development of students and parents
New pathways for advanced teachers in teachers' examinations
Seminars focusing on early music education
How parents make a good musical environment?
Lang Lang gave masterclass for young talents
Dynamism in the Society; Concerts with Various Collaborators
A concert for "300 years anniversary of piano"
115 collaborators for school concert project
"Music Branch" concert brings rich morning
Detail & Diversity; Visualisations of Individual Activities
How to find a right teacher out of 6000?
Synergy, the new way of concert promotion
New chairperson of PTNA is elected
Grand Prize Winner 2009:
  Mizuho NAKADA
Yasuko Fukuda Prize 2009:
  Tomoki SAKATA
2008 News letter 【PDF
Piano Teachers Appear on Stage
150% increase in 3 years
For Teachers; Seminars & Lectures
10 Early Keyboard on stage
New Guidbook for Lesson Management
3 Major Renewals on Teachers' Projects
For Students; Competition & STEP
40,416 participated in PTNA Piano Competition
Play with professionals at variation STEP
For Society; Social Networking
Swing between schools and halls
Access pass, actie partnership
Japanese music go abroad
Grand Prize Winner 2008:
  Keina SATO
2007 News letter 【PDF
Gathering at PTNA 40th Anniversary Events!
Concert at Suntory Hall "Evening of Piano Concerti" with NHK Symphony Orchestra
National Liaison Conference commemorating PTNA's 40th anniversary
PTNA Piano Competition
A greatest number of 39,067 participants in 2007
The importance of competition introduced in music journals
A high school student wins the New Composition Award
2006 grand prize winner tours in Italy
Expanding variety of projects/ popular arrange STEP, Mozart STEP,Analyse STEP etc.
For kids! Show case of mini concerts
Website & others
PTNA piano website contributes to expanding music
Over 12,000 pieces in the piano repertoire encyclopedia
PTNA act as a go-between; finding teachers and collaborative pianists
Grand Prize Winner 2007:
  Yuhi OZAKI
Yasuko Fukuda Prize 2007:
  Law Matthew
2006 News letter 【PDF
11,000 Piano Teachers Network Expands!
300 branches, stations and committees are volantarily involved
Commmittee-led events "Zimerman Talks about the Heart of Music" etc.
30th PTNA Piano Competition
Young talent meets Prof.Zelikman at Jr.G masterclass
Winners' concert with an international guest
Grand prize winner 2005 made concert tour in Italy!
A high school girl, 50 stages in 8 years..!
Hand written comments for learning support
Seminars, Website, other activities
Pianists and teachers play for kids in local schools
Piano Encyclopedia encourages active online learning
Yasuko Nakayama looked back the 40 years of PTNA history
Grand Prize Winner 2006:
  Hitomi MAEYAMA
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