The 42th PTNA Piano Competition Will Announce Repertoires Next March

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ptna_20171221top.jpgThe 42th PTNA Piano Competition will announce its repertoires on March 1st-2nd, 2018 at the annual special event in Tokyo. On the first day, Mitsuyo Esaki (the chairperson of the PTNA Repertoires Selection Committee) will give a keynote speech. 4 lecturers will give presentations on the required repertoires of 4 periods respectively; Rintaro Akamatsu (Baroque), Aki Kuroda (Modern), Kyoko Nakagawa (Roman), Shinya Okahara (Classic).

A special lecture for parents of the prospective participants will be held in the morning. Development of muscles, bony frameworks, and nerves differs according to individual or gender distinction. Dr.Shinichi Furuya, a brain scientist, will introduce the effective ways of practice, roles of parents, things to be aware of, based upon the scientific researches.

On the second day, 2 duo pairs will give presentations on the required repertoires of the duo division; Piano Duo Yu & Ai (Yu Yamazaki & Ai Hamamoto), Piano Duo Deu'or (Takashi Fujii & Yoshie Shiramizu).