Explore Sound and Sonority at The PTNA Intensive Seminar 2018

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ptna_20180104top.jpgThe PTNA intensive seminar 2018 will be held on May 13th at the JT Art Hall Affinis in Tokyo. Hironao Suzuki will give lectures and lessons to 4 promising pianists. Suzuki is a pianist and teacher who has taught numerous prize winners in the past PTNA Piano Competition, including Grand Prize winners since 2011. He has studied with Vera Gornostayeva and Hiroko Nakamura among others, and refined his touch, pedaling techniques, phrasing, sonority, etc.

Section 1:
 Lecture : How to make sounds, how to make sonorities?
 Lesson : Mendelssohn's "Songs without Words" (excerpts) / Tomoya Nakase
Section 2:
 Lecture: Art of Legato
 Lesson: Chopin's Nocturn / Daisuke Yagi
Section 3:
 Lecture: How to refine a performance as an art work?
 Lesson: Chopin's Etudes (excerpts) / Yukine Kuroki, Hibiki Katayama