What Kind of Missions and Roles PTNA Affiliated Competitions Have?

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ptna_20180215.jpgThe PTNA affiliated competitions network started in 2010, and has been expanded steadily. They are organized by PTNA branches, PTNA stations, various regional organizations, or local governments. The PTNA headquarters supports their application procedures and incorporates them into PTNA's stage point system. In 2017, 11,723 participants have applied to 28 affiliated competitions. This has come to account for a substantial part of the stage opportunities that PTNA has given to piano students and amateurs. Here is the latest ranking of top 10 affiliated competitions in regards of the number of participants who have applied through PTNA and its share among all the participants (2017).

1. Japan J.S.Bach Music Concours 4,606 (94.8%)
2. Burgmüller Competition 4,319 (100%)
3. Bastien Piano Competition 722 (67.6%)
4. Kanagawa Music Competition 443 (47.9%)
5. Aichi Piano Competition 304 (85.6%)
6. Neyagawa AruKas Piano Competition 211 (52.1%)
7. Tochigi Piano Competition 151 (59.4%)
8. Sonata Competition 138 (100%)
9. Wakoh Piano Competition 100 (39.4%)
10. Cristal Piano Competition 89 (100%)

What are the missions and roles of affiliated competitions?
First, they help participants to take a first step toward stage performance. For instance, 38.1% of the participants of the "Burgmüller Competition" take on a challenge for competition for the first time. This competition allows them to play one piece only and has no national final round, which might help them feel easier to challenge. Affiliated competitions have a variety of themes and purposes, thus participants could easily find one they prefer. Here is the latest ranking of top 5 affiliated competitions in regards of the number of participants who took part in competitions for the first time in 2017.

1. Burgmüller Competition 1,647 (38.1%)
2. Japan J.S.Bach Music Concours 965 (21.0%)
3. Bastien Piano Competition 321 (44.5%)
4. Kanagawa Music Competition 233 (52.6%)
5. Neyagawa AruKas Piano Competition 35 (16.6%)

Secondly, there are some competitions that PTNA fully supports their application procedures and publicity. "The Piano Talents in Milano" competition, organized by Aki Kuroda (the representative of Tokyo-Milano Chao! Station) has established by contributions from PTNA members through the PTNA CrossGiving. It has been held 3 times so far and has discovered promising young talents every time. "The Japan J.S.Bach Music Concours", which enhances participants to do in-depth learning on Bach and Baroque pieces, holds the national final round in Tokyo. Over 2,000 finalists and their teachers come to Tokyo, listen to performances of other students, exchange with teachers from other regions. "This could be a big opportunity to nurture piano teachers across the nation", says Reiko Ikegawa, one of the final round judge members. 

Lastly, one of the most important missions is to give increased efficiency on the application procedure by online entry system. Participants can easily compare and find their bests, and apply to them anytime they want. In 2017, 15.8% of the applications have been sent between 21pm - 7am. 

In 2017, PTNA made partnership with 11 competitions, including "The Tokai Music Festival", "The Roland Piano Music Festival", "The Snowman Piano Evaluation". PTNA hopes piano students to find their own learning purposes and themes through these competitions, as well as the PTNA Piano Competition which focuses on 4 different musical periods.