New Programs Added to PTNA E-learning Service

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ptna_20170310top.jpgTwo new programs, two-day- intensive study sessions of the PTNA Piano Competition 2017 which was held on March 1st-2nd, are added to the PTNA e-learning service. They are available on PC as well as iphone tablets and smartphones.

The top 5 most visited e-learning programs so far are as follows;

1) Two-day- intensive study sessions of the PTNA Piano Competition 2017, "Romantic period"
2) PTNA Piano Teachers' Seminar Vol.46, "piano teaching skills session"
3) PTNA Piano Teachers' Seminar Vol.45, "How to nurture students one step at a time?"
4) PTNA Piano Teachers' Seminar Vol.45 "piano teaching skills session"
5) PTNA Piano Teachers' Seminar Vol.46 "How to interpret and express pieces based on one's own knowledge and experience?"

Kanako Morikawa is taking advantage of this service in between piano lessons, by watching repeatedly and taking notes for better understanding. She found some of the programs very interesting, and would like to go live seminars in near future.

Mayumi Omura (Hokkaido) lives far away from Tokyo and hardly take part in live seminars, thus applies for e-learning programs. She frequently watches and studies videos after her children go to bed.