The PTNA Piano Encyclopedia

The PTNA Piano Encyclopedia, a public information service program, provides information of piano pieces for piano lovers and students since 2002. Recently, it also began to provide performance videos and audio clips via Youtube in order to improve the degree of recognition of them. Increasing number of users access from other countries.?


It aims at providing information for piano students and lovers to promote music culture, especially focused on piano. Its usability is always reexamined and improved to encourage their study and research further.?


-All the information is free of charge.
-The screen format is optimized for users of PC, smartphone, or any types of handsets.
-Information of 1,200 composers and 30,000 pieces are available.
-10,000 of performance video / audio clips are linked from the website.
-Concert information of related pieces are updated on daily basis.
-Score information are available to enhance research and performance.
-Frequently performed / referred pieces, such as J.S.Bach's Inventions, are provided with analysis by living composers.


-This site receives over 20 million page views per year.
-50,000 people per month presumably use the service.
-This service is well known in classical music world in Japan, and is used on daily basis by people and parties including concert organizers.
-Over 6,000 tracks are recorded at?public recording concert series, in order to promote less / unrecognized pieces.
-There are 38,000 subscribers on PTNA YouTube Channel, and a total of 97 million playbacks so far. A certain number of them tend to replay newly uploaded videos.

As of March 23rd, 2016

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