Public Recording Concert will be launched

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091120publicconcert.gifPublic Recording Concert will be launched from February at To-on Hall (Tokyo).

It aims at recording, filming and putting the music on the website library, "PTNA Piano Encyclopedia". 1,000 pieces of audio tracks are available at present, out of 18,000 pieces of list. It is likely that same pieces are played lots of times at concerts, but other unknown pieces are rarely played or no chance to be performed, on the other hand. Therefore PTNA would like to gather different audio tracks to fill in the rest of the list one by one.

In so doing, we decide to make advantage of the individual power of audience and website. The admission of the concert is not fixed, it depends on  each member of audience how much to pay for pianists. And honararium fee for pianists will be paid on the basis of the whole admission income.

This series of concert will be held for 10 times from February 2010 to March 2011, inviting 10 different pianists; Ichiro KANEKO, Asuka MATSUMOTO, Hironao SUZUKI, Rieko NEZU, Pianoduo Deu'or, Yusuke KIKUCHI, Genzo TAKEHISA, Mamiko TOMARI, Noriko SATO, Miki NARAI and Ayumi IGA.

Each concert will be filmed and uploaded on the internet, so as to share it with a number of cyber audience. PTNA hopes that this style of concert will be spread out across Japan.