4.Website Advertisement

Website Banner Advertisement

  • -Objective:Banner advertisement can be displayed on right sidebar of the main page or other allocated pages, and link to designated web page. Once displayed, it will be noted on the Weekly Email News once (1st week). On general, it is recommendable to display more than a week.
  • -Banner size : width 290 pix, hight 50 pix (unique size)
  • -Price:
    • -Basic charge:
    • -General 30,000yen / Member 15,000yen
    • -Additional rate: 0.8yen/imp + 50yen/1 click (upper space, without scroll)
    • -Additional rate: 0.4yen/imp + 50yen/1 click (lower space, scroll down needed)
    • *gif animation banner is extra charge
  • -Contact: (title: Advertisement for PTNA website)