PTNA Piano Competition was inaugurated in 1977, aiming for the discovery of young distinguished talents and advancement of the teaching skills. Approximately 38,045 contestants participated in the year 2006, and it has been recognized as the largest music competition in Japan.

◇Competition for Artists

The highest grade "Superior Grade" is famous for its extremely high standard. The Grand Prize Winner, winner of 38,000 pianists, receives an award of 1,000,000yen, as well as performances with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. This grade is recognized as a springboard to the international stages of piano competition, and past winners have succeeded to several major international competitions abroad.

◇Competition for Amateurs (Music Lovers)

The Grand Muse Grade is a special grade for adult piano lovers and amateurs to get an opportunity to compete on stage. One can apply from any desired repertoire and enjoy communication with other pianists, who are professionals of other fields.

◇Competition for Students

From the Grade A2 through G (solo division), age limits are made for each grade. The required repertoire consists of four different styles and periods, which nurtures the musical mind from a broad view. In the duo division, one could experience and enjoy playing ensemble and studying piano at the same time.

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