• ourmusic_vol286.gif -Objective: Give articles for piano teachers to share ideas of daily lesson management, as well as to encourage their professional career.
  • -Journal size : B5 (182mm * 257mm, 90pages)
  • -Circulation: 13,700 copies
  • -Type of Subscribers: PTNA members (Piano professors, teachers, students, parents, sponsors, etc.)
  • -Month of Issue: April, July, October, January (30th)
  • -Advertisement size:
    • -Cover (Reverse) : 4C, 1p, 182mm*257mm, 320,000yen
    • -Back Cover : 4C, 1p, 162mm*237mm, 400,000yen
    • -Back Cover (Reverse) : 4C, 1p, 182mm*257mm, 280,000yen
    • -Page inside :
      • -1C, 1p, 182mm*257mm, 150,000yen
      • -1C, 1/2p, 160mm*115mm, 80,000yen
      • -1C, 1/4p, 160mm*55mm, 40,000yen
      • -1C, 1/8p, 75mm*55mm, 20,000yen
  • -Deadline: 5th of the month of issue
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