Redesign of the PTNA Piano Encyclopedia

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ptna_20180322top.jpgPTNA redesigned its Piano Encyclopedia on a large scale for the first time in the past 16 years. We would like to introduce which sections were renewed and how it changed the services and usage. 

-40,000 pages are added
The total number of page has increased from about 20,000 to 60,000, as large works like sonata or suite are separated into movements and individual works. For instance, Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata or Chopin's Etudes Op.10 had only one comprehensive page respectively, but now it has individual pages for each movement and each of the 12 etudes.

-Enhance the retrieval function
So far, the search function has only keyword retrieval (title of the pieces, composers' name, etc.). Now you can retrieve more focused information by performance time, presence of audio files and explanations, the required repertoires of the PTNA piano competition or STEP, etc. For instance, you can search piano pieces between 3 min to 5 min, which might be convenient to find suitable repertoires for competitions or STEP.

-More detailed information of music scores
PTNA partners up with "Score Navi", which gives comprehensive information of scores that can be purchased in Japan. PTNA continues partnership with "Academia" (sales and distribution of imported scores), "PTNA Musse"(on-demand sales of scores), and provides links to "IMSLP". They will help you find the score you want.

You can easily see whether performance videos and commentaries exist or not on each composer's page.

-Future prospects
We expect users to write comments on individual works in regards of performance, teaching, etc. It would enhance mutual exchanges between users. We would also like to ask users to add information / explanation to individual pages. So far, it was the staff of the PTNA headquarters, musicologists, or pianists who took charge of this part, but it might as well open to everyone so as to develop and expand this service in the future.

-Message from the chief editor
"What do you mean by the "piano pieces"? Piano pieces that were written by original composers have been widely regarded as works of art. However, there are other works, such as arrangements. For instance, Chopin's Etude op.10-3 has over 600 arrangements that have already published. Then, there is a question; are arrangements less valuable than an original work? The PTNA Piano Encyclopedia do not intend to evaluate or measure the value of each work, but admit value on every piece and register as an art work. We will also register works that have not yet published, or recordings of improvisational performances.
We believe that this Encyclopedia has grown to be a database that has comprehensive structure and substantial information. We will continue to expand this service by reflecting the "piano pieces" of today. " (Kosuke Jitsukata)