System for Self-Study

Due to the musical demand of high quality and diversity from students, piano teachers require self- development and study in the long run. PTNA offers a number of opportunities to explore their musicological knowledge, pedagogical techniques and artistry.

Teachers' Examination

activity_001.gifPTNA Piano Teachers Examination is intended for those who are eager to examine their teaching skills both in theory and performance, for the excellence of the art of teaching.  Certificates are provided for three levels (elementary, intermediate, advanced) and each requires three curriculums (1. performance 2. seminar report 3. music theory, harmonic analysis, music history, sight reading, and teaching demonstration).


Piano Seminar

activity_seminar.gifPTNA Piano Seminars are organized throughout Japan, with a variety of agenda from pedagogy, performance study, to textbook research. Active participation and presentation of reports are highly recommended.


Competition & STEP

activity_compestep.gifConcert stage is important for teachers to observe students' development and to have objective evaluation from third person. Recently teachers themselves go to stage to advance their performance skills.


PTNA awards excellent piano teachers, "teaches' award", who achieve outstanding results in Competition and STEP. Thesis and essays are also counted on its criteria.


What teachers do?

Administration & Adjudication

activity_management.gifPTNA Piano competition, STEP, and other activities are planned and managed by voluntary works and spirits of affiliated piano teachers. Experienced teachers are dispatched to local areas as adjudicators and advisors.



Lecture, Performance, Writing

activity_performance.gifMember teachers are involved in piano seminars and talk concerts as performers or lecturers. Their activities and ideas, knowledge are shared via journals "Our Music", "Piano Stage" and website.



Planning and Promotion

activity_planning.gifWe accept the opinions and ideas from active piano teachers; topics of seminars, required repertoires of competition, external events of STEP, etc. Being always up-to-date and meet the demands in music educational field, piano teachers themselves are the actual planners and promoters.


Branches & Satellite Stations

PTNA is a nationwide association that consists of 350 branches and satellite stations. Teachers are able to involve in the local activities with a nearby branch office. Further, they are entitled to establish their own satellite stations, which enable them to take their education and musical ideas into practice.


PTNA exclusive services

PTNA has exclusive services to affiliate members to support their professional career.

Introduction of students

activity_studentintro.gifStudents introduction service is offered exclusively for affiliated members. Any member can register on the online list, and wait for the students' requests. Registration and introduction are all free of charge, and personal information is securely protected. Recently, the number of agreement reaches 4,000 annually.



activity_library.gifPTNA members can use variety of media to make advantage of the piano lessons. Thanks to the collaboration with Naxos, members can freely access to the music library and listen to 200,000 audio files online. Musse, the on-demand music publication service, is able to offer opportunity to buy from one piece from wide variety of music.


Insurance for business suspension

activity_security.gifIn case of illness or injuries that prevents them from work, "compensation for income", "compensation for hospitalized fee" could support teachers. Consultation service is also available at the local agencies.